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1 Dec 2014

If you are a food enthusiast who loves to cook for your loved ones during gatherings or parties, you might want to take your simple hobby to something more challenging. Maybe a catering business is meant for you, it’s all waiting in the corner waiting for you to decide whether you really want it or not. Take your skills to another level, who knows that it’s really meant for you from the very beginning.

Having you own business may be very challenging but it is also fun. If you will have a catering business, the edge that you have over the other kinds of businesses is that everybody needs food for it is a basic physiologic need. So if you are looking for a business that is profit-wise, the catering business is just right for you.

The catering industry is so wide that some caterers will focus on specific specializations such as weddings, birthdays or random parties. But most successful catering business does not limit their services on one category, they may start at one but as they gain experience they expand their services catering more events.

Novice catering businesses relies on the advertising in order to make it further. It is important that you impress your first clients in order for them to be able to recommend you. You are aware that a word of mouth is a very powerful tool that can make or break your business, so in order to have a positive feedback make sure that you provide everything the client needs as well as giving them what they want. It is always a guarantee that if the client is pleased with your work, the can hire you next time if they host an event or they could even recommend you to their friends. You also have to practice your decision making skills because in a catering business, from table clothes to commercial fridges you’re going to choose them all.

In starting up a business, it has always been a protocol that you make some serious planning because a business involves a lot of money. So before you open up for business, make sure that you already have everything sorted out. A business plan includes a thorough planning on the menu, the price range, the kind of party that you are going to offer as well as the set up. You also have to think about the terms and condition of your business, list down what you want or what you don’t want in order to make things clear between you and your client. It is important to have some dos and don’ts in a business to avoid confusions.

In order to expose your business to your local area, an advertisement is a must. You can always use radio announcements as well as press release on newspapers but the more effective way of advertising your business is through food tasting. Let your potential clients taste the kind of food that you are going to serve to them.

Having a systematic way for taking booking and payments is also a plus points for you. Make sure that can be easily understood by the clients in order to avoid hassle. Make sure that your staff also has a good communication skills because this is important especially when discussing some business.



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